How to create a QR Code

To create a QR code, there are just a few simple steps to take.
  1. Decide on the content you want displayed on the smartphone, tablet, or computer screen. This could be a link to a website, contact information, plain text, video, etc.
  2. Choose a QR code creator. There are several different QR code creators that are easy to use. Here are few to choose from:
  3. Copy the QR code and use it wherever you want to!

Practice Math Chain

We are going to practice the math chain.

  1. On a piece of scrap paper, number 1-8. If you are on a tablet, you could also open a note or use Google docs for this.
  2. Choose any one of the QR codes around the room and scan the barcode.
  3. The word problem that comes up has a number beside it. Once you solve the problem, write (or type) the answer next to that number.
  4. Find the answer on the wall. Scan the barcode that is there and it will take you to the next problem.
  5. You will know that you are finished when all 8 questions have an answer beside them.


QR Tic-Tac-Toe

Using QR codes linked to web sites we can create a test/quiz review
  • Spread your game pieces out in a 3x3 grid pattern
  • Team 1 selects a square and scans the code with their device.
  • If they get the question correct they place their X or O game piece on the grid. Otherwise the question is available for the other team.
  • A team wins when they get three game pieces in a row or diagonal.
Click Here for QR Tic-Tac-Toe


QR Code Scavenger Hunt

QR Treasure Hunt Generator!

Get students using their mobile devices to move and to learn - NO INTERNET CONNECTION NEEDED!

Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 8.47.21 AM.png

Collaborative Brainstorming

Submit your QR code idea below! FormQRCODE.pngscan this code to get this page and form on your phone.

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