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Cheat Sheets for Accessing the Online Tool (updated 9/9/13):
Due to the changes to the NCEES online system that are outlined in the update below, the cheat sheets originally created by region 4 HR directors have also been updated. Links to these documents are below.

Teacher Click Paths for Using the Online Evaluation Tool

Online Evaluation System Info:
  • TNL Demo Site:
  • Demo usernames and passwords were sent directly to each LEA/charter.
  • Excel Spreadsheet with a list of all emails that are generated by the system. This includes who receives the email and for what purpose.

Click Paths:

Other Resources:

December 9, 2013 - Update on TrueNorth Logic Fixes
Please see the attached memo regarding updates to fixes that have been made and will be made moving forward.
Click here to read the memo.

November 8, 2013 - Login Issues with Online Educator Evaluation System
During the last two or three days users in many LEAs have experienced login issues when attempting to log into the Home Base Educator Evaluation System (a.k.a. NCEES). Truenorthlogic believes that these issues are being caused by degraded server performance that appears to be associated with the calendar function in the system. To restore system response time and ensure that users are able to use the system’s core functionality to finish PDPs, observations, and evaluations, Truenorthlogic will be disabling the calendaring functionality temporarily at 2:30 PM today, November 7, 2013. Once Truenorthlogic has optimized the calendaring functions, they will bring the functionality back online. We do not yet have a timeline for bringing the calendar function back online. All existing calendar events will be preserved and will be visible when the calendar function is restored. We apologize for the trouble users have experienced over the last few days, and we are committed to improving the Educator Evaluation System to ensure that it supports the needs of our LEA end-users.

October 15, 2013 - Home Base Educator Evaluation users:

Truenorthlogic is installed a “bug fix” release this evening to fix several issues reported by users over the last few weeks. Following are the issues that were corrected in last evening’s release.

17929 - Comment Box Quotation

In the Self-Assessment or Observations, in the Comment Box, if the user types in the quotation mark and then saves, on the observation summary screen, the system changes the quote to ampersand pound 034.

17961 - Comment Box Apostrophe causing strange characters

Very similar to #17929 in that Apostrophes also seem to be causing strange characters to be displayed in the Self-Assessment/Observation comment boxes after Saving and viewing on the observation summary screen.

18140 - Observation Comments - Border Overwritten

When users exceed the 2,000 character limit in comment boxes and still choose to save, some of the text takes up space in the blue highlighted banner and displaces the text that is supposed to be there.

18266 – Missing Acknowledge Button for Teacher and Evaluator Steps

Teachers and Evaluators do not see the Acknowledge button on pre-conference, post conference and PDP screens. Therefore, they are unable to Acknowledge and Mark Complete.

Other Useful Documents:

Module Information:
  • A module for the North Carolina Professional Teaching Standards is available on the NC Education website. This module outlines the evaluation process and goes into depth for all of the standards, including how they are related to the Performance Ratings. To access the module, visit Use the same login information that is used to access NC FALCON.

Rubrics Approved at the August and September 2012 SBE meetings: