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Please click on the links in the interactive table below for session materials.

Breakout 1:
The Learner
Breakout 2:
The Design
Breakout 3:
The Approach
Breakout 4:
The Tools
Fretwell 113

The Adult Learner:
Dr. Marion Bish

Designing PD for Adult Learners:
Dr. Marion Bish

Turn Up the Heat with Online PD:
Jason Lineberger

Google Apps for PD:
Scott Jacumin
Fretwell 121

Psycho-Geometrics-What the Heck is That?
Steve Moree

Psycho-Geometrics-What the Heck is That?
Steve Moree

Flipped PD-A Hybrid Approach:
Morgan Blanton, Barry Brogdan, Brooke Hardin

30 Web 2.0 Tools in 60 minutes:
Jessica Garner
Fretwell 128

States of Mind:
Tracy Edwards and Renee Smith

Differentiated Professional Development:
Dr. Adriane Mingo

Engaging Presentations:
Ashley Smith and Lisa Lemaster

Presentation Tips and Tricks:
Ashley Hurley