Compatible with: Computer On.pngiPad.png(Tablet is view-only.)
Recommended user level: BEGINNER

Description of Tool:

Bubble-us is a free online mind mapping tool that allows users to create colorful mind maps and even collaborate on a document. The interface is easy to use and includes several basic options. Maps can also be printed, emailed, downloaded as a graphic, or embedded into a website. This activity allows students to hone their skills for organizing and mapping ideas and collaborating with others.

Powered by Flash, Bubbl-us makes it easy for anyone to quickly start planning and sorting out their ideas through the use of linked text bubbles. Watch the video demonstration to the right to get started.



Classroom Uses:

Bubbl-us can be used in numerous ways to organize ideas. Take a look at the example below on food. Students can also utilize the tool to...
  • organize writing ideas
  • map story elements
  • graphically organize notes on a topic
  • brainstorm group project assignments
  • flowcart style mapping of steps to solve a problem
  • science processes, such as the water cycle or rock cycle
  • list simple machines as a sort
  • map parts of speech

Video Tutorial:

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