Compatible with: Computer On.pngiPad.png
Recommended user level: BEGINNER

Description of Tool:

Originally developed for business marketing, Brainshark is a powerful presentation tool that turns Power Points, documents, videos or photos into powerful presentations that can be shared via a link or embedded in a blog or other website. With Brainshark you can easily add audio and transform documents into engaging, interactive presentations. Brainshark allows you to track how many users have accessed the presentations. You can also combine multiple file types into one presentation.


Classroom Uses:
Both teachers and students can use Brainshark to convey a message, demonstrate understanding of a concept, persuade others, and capture information for a variety of purposes. Brainshark allows users to upload many different document types and combine them into one presentation. Users can also add audio.

Teachers can use these presentations when flipping the classroom or to share information with parents.

Video Tutorial:

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